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NameTierUniversityGranting CouncilResearch Discipline
Abolmaesumi, Purang 2The University of British ColumbiaNatural Sciences and EngineeringBiomedical Engineering
Abou Elela, Sherif 1Université de SherbrookeHealthMolecular Biology
Abouee Mehrizi, Hossein 2University of WaterlooHealthIndustrial Engineering
AbouRizk, Simaan M. 1University of AlbertaNatural Sciences and EngineeringCivil Engineering
Accili, Eric 2The University of British ColumbiaHealthCell Biology
Adem, Alejandro 1The University of British ColumbiaNatural Sciences and EngineeringPure Mathematics
Aherne, Julian 2Trent UniversityNatural Sciences and EngineeringEarth Science
Ainslie, Philip 2The University of British ColumbiaHealthOther in HS
Al-Haddad, Kamal 1Université du Québec, École de technologie supérieureNatural Sciences and EngineeringElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Albert, Jacques 1Carleton UniversityNatural Sciences and EngineeringElectrical and Electronic Engineering

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