Hope Weiler

Canada Research Chair in Nutrition, Development, and Aging

Tier 1 - 2005-10-01
McGill University


Research involves

Studying the effects of dietary nutrients on bone health.

Research relevance

The research aims to lead to better bone health for Canadians, as well as to the development of policy around nutrition.

Building Better Bones

Canada Research Chair Hope Weiler has developed a research program in nutrition and bone health that focuses on strategies to improve health outcomes at all points in life. In particular, she is studying certain types of fats and vitamin D - dietary nutrients that are important for bones throughout life, from as early as the fetus. She hopes to determine the optimal amounts a person needs in order to maintain bone strength into advanced age.

Weiler's research is relevant to the primary and secondary prevention of osteoporosis. Low bone mass and bone density are the hallmarks of osteoporosis, which renders individuals vulnerable to fractures. Research shows that osteoporosis is rooted in early life. Fortunately there are strategies, including good nutrition, that can contribute to the development of strong bones and thus to the reduction of osteoporotic fractures. And these are the focus of Weiler's work. In the process, her program is providing training for future health-care workers as well as for employees in industry, government, and academe.