Lora Ramunno

Canada Research Chair in Computational Nanophotonics

Tier 2 - 2007-01-01
Renewed: 2012-03-01
University of Ottawa
Natural Sciences and Engineering

613-562-5800 ext./poste 6790

Research involves

Understanding how light interacts with matter on the incredibly small nanoscale.

Research relevance

This research will lead to new applications in a number of diverse areas, including telecommunications, computation and biotechnology

Shining Light on the Nanoworld

The ability to harness the interaction of light on materials as small as a billionth of a meter (the nanoscale) could result in a multitude of exciting new technologies.

But seeing this potential realized represents a major challenge, as this very complex process has to be fully understood before it can be controlled.

That's a job for Dr. Lora Ramunno, Canada Research Chair in Computational Nanophotonics. She is studying how to control the interactions of light and matter by developing and applying sophisticated computational models.

She is investigating how very fast and intense pulses of laser light can be used to shape materials precisely on the nanoscale, and how to use laser pulses for imaging objects approaching nanometer size.

Ramunno's work has the potential to revolutionize many areas of technology. For example, it could lead to very small, low-cost integrated optical components that overcome the limitations of existing telecommunications and computer devices. And in the health sciences, it could be used to create nanoscale laboratories on a chip and to visualize disease processes on small scales.