Maxime Bouchard

Canada Research Chair in Kidney Disease

Tier 2 - 2003-09-01
McGill University


Coming to Canada from

Institute for Molecular Pathology, Austria

Research involves

Characterizing the function and interaction of genes responsible for the initiation of kidney development and their role in kidney malformations and tumours.

Research relevance

The research is contributing to a better understanding of how the kidney is formed and the molecular deficiencies leading to kidney disease.

(De)constructing the Kidney

A number of developmental defects and tumours are known to affect the normal functioning of the kidneys, leading to severe complications and even death. Unfortunately, knowledge of the genetic basis of these diseases is very limited. Recent identification of the "Pax genes" responsible for the initiation of kidney development is helping researchers identify other genes crucial to kidney function. Studying these genes and their interactions is helping scientists to acquire a clearer picture of how the kidney is formed and what lies behind kidney disease.

As the Canada Research Chair in Kidney Disease, Dr. Maxime Bouchard aims to link his findings on gene identification to the processes of kidney formation and the development of tumours. This research will lead to the development of new screening and therapeutic strategies for the benefit of patients with kidney disease.

Dr. Bouchard's projects are also providing crucial training opportunities for Canadian researchers. Moreover, partnerships established between his research team and firms in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors will facilitate the development of new therapies and treatment regimes, benefiting patients with kidney problems throughout the world.