Yuezhi Zhao

Canada Research Chair in Political Economy of Global Communication

Tier 1 - 2004-09-01
Renewed: 2011-10-01
Simon Fraser University
Social Sciences and Humanities


Research involves

Analyzing news coverage of four English-language satellite TV networks and examining the role of communication in China’s rise as a major world power.

Research relevance

This research will provide essential information for effective policy-making on media in Canada and around the world.

Decoding the power of communication worldwide

Not many people get to watch TV for a living, let alone four channels simultaneously. But for Dr. Yuezhi Zhao, Canada Research Chair in the Political Economy of Global Communication, watching the nightly news is a window onto how the world views itself. The way the news is told gives Zhao insight into how different cultures view the world and how culture itself is shaped by the media.

Using sophisticated analysis tools, Zhao is reviewing broadcasts from four English language satellite networks: CNN, BBC World, China Central Television and Al-Jazeera. She is comparing and analyzing their agendas, ideology and framing of key global issues and answering such questions as: Who gets to define the global news of the day? How do these transnational TV networks represent the rapidly evolving global order through their coverage of major political economic events?

Zhao is also studying the role of communication in China’s rise as a major world power and China’s role in shaping the global communication system. She is exploring how the Internet drives the development of politics and culture in China. As well, she is examining what it means for the country to catch up with the West in Internet use and in the development of digital technologies.

As global media and communication systems become ever more dominant in our lives, it is important that we understand their changing structures, processes and content. Zhao’s research is providing policy-makers with vital knowledge on the current status and role of national and global media.