Raymund J. Wellinger

Canada Research Chair in Telomere Biology

Tier 1 - 2009-11-01
Renewed: 2016-11-01
Université de Sherbrooke


Research involves

Understanding the maintenance and functioning of telomeres (chromosome ends), and their importance to the stability of genomes

Research relevance

Preventing genomic aberrations in human cells, to reduce the risk of developing cancer.

Telomeres: The Achilles heel of cancer?

The stability of the chromosomes that make up the human genome plays a crucial role in preventing cancer and maintaining health as we age.

As Canada Research Chair in Telomere Biology, Raymund J. Wellinger is studying certain basic questions concerning the biology of the ends of chromosomes, called “telomeres.” This field of research is closely associated with new cancer treatments.

Wellinger’s work has already led to the development of new telomere analysis methods that remain the standard in the field. His research has also led to the establishment of a private-sector biotechnology company.

Wellinger continues to create new research tools to help apply our knowledge of telomere biology for the benefit of Canadian society. His research projects are helping deepen our knowledge of molecular and enzymatic mechanisms, in order to develop new compounds for a potential cancer treatment.

Wellinger will use the tools he develops to establish and consolidate new international initiatives and collaborations, helping Canadian research stay globally competitive. These efforts will be linked to training activities, with trainees further contributing to the development of this important sector of the knowledge-based economy and biotechnology.