Jerzy Szpunar

Canada Research Chair in Advanced Materials for Clean Energy

Tier 1 - 2010-07-01
University of Saskatchewan
Natural Sciences and Engineering


Research involves

Investigating new materials for next-generation nuclear reactors, hydrogen extraction and hydrogen sensors, and oil and gas pipelines.

Research relevance

This research will lead to safer, longer-lasting and more reliable materials for Canada’s energy and sustainable energy industries.

Innovative Materials for Clean Energy Industries

Canada’s energy industries require high-performance materials to generate, transport and store energy. Dr. Jerzy Szpunar is finding safer and more environmentally friendly materials and processes to meet their needs.

As Canada is the world’s leading uranium producer and nuclear power provides much of our country’s energy, it is important to continue improving nuclear reactor technologies. The Canada Research Chair in Advanced Materials for Clean Energy studies new materials that are better able to resist radiation damage and handle the high temperatures, corrosion and stress commonly found in nuclear reactors.

Szpunar also investigates better ways to extract, purify and safely monitor hydrogen, as this resource is a promising future energy source. He designs various nanostructured membranes for hydrogen extraction and coatings for hydrogen storage containers. Because hydrogen can explode if it leaks, Szpunar is building nanostructure sensors to detect such leaks.

His research into new industrial materials also looks at new steels that can safely transport gas and oil through pipelines in Canada’s harsh northern climate.

In all his work, Szpunar is partnering with Canada’s energy industries to discover materials that will make industrial workplaces safer and more productive.