A. Srikantha Phani

Canada Research Chair in Dynamics of Lattice Material and Devices

Tier 2 - 2010-06-01
The University of British Columbia
Natural Sciences and Engineering


Research involves

Studying 2-D and 3-D microscopic periodic structures that will advance aerospace, automotive engineering, as well as biomedical devices.

Research relevance

This research will lead to the development of advanced lightweight lattice structural materials.

Mechanics of Lattice Patterns

Engineers today are able to make structures of tiny, complex, three-dimensional patterns using advanced manufacturing techniques such as 3-D printing. The study of tiny structures such as microscopic lattices—spatially repeating patterns that look like honeycombs—is expected to unveil a range of cutting-edge applications in many fields of engineering, including aerospace, automotive and communications engineering.

As Canada Research Chair in Dynamics of Lattice Materials and Devices, Dr. A. Srikantha Phani studies the fundamental mechanical response of lattice materials subjected to dynamic forces.

Using computational studies backed by experiments, Phani’s research seeks to tailor micro-structural lattice material patterns to achieve desirable macroscopic mechanical properties—such as stiffness, strength and vibration response.

Phani’s work will enable researchers to understand more about the mechanical behaviour of “multiscale” materials, and lead to innovations that will enable the development of the next generation of multifunctional stiff and lightweight structures.