Ryozo Nagamune

Canada Research Chair in Control Engineering

Tier 2 - 2013-04-01
The University of British Columbia
Natural Sciences and Engineering


Research involves

Conducting computer simulations and lab experiments to better engineer and control floating offshore wind turbines.

Research relevance

This research will lead to the development of efficient wind turbines on oceans that reduce the cost of wind power.

Capturing the Ocean’s Wind Energy

Wind has excellent potential to generate electricity without causing environmental harm. The wind energy industry has recently started to float large-scale turbines. These offshore turbines are able to receive stronger and more stable wind with less noise and visual impacts than onshore wind turbines. However, costs for floating offshore wind turbines will have to be reduced in order for the technology to succeed.

Dr. Ryozo Nagamune, Canada Research Chair in Control Engineering, is aiming to reduce the cost of offshore wind power by using advanced control theory to maximize turbine energy capture and increase the lifespan of turbines.

Nagamune is using computer simulations and laboratory experiments to help find the most suitable control methods for floating offshore wind turbines.

Nagamune’s research will provide wind-turbine manufacturers the technology that will allow them to minimize energy costs for clean and sustainable offshore wind turbines.