Martin Ordonez

Canada Research Chair in Power Converters For Renewable Energy Systems

Tier 2 - 2013-10-01
The University of British Columbia
Natural Sciences and Engineering


Research involves

Developing controllers and flexible power converters for renewable energy systems.

Research relevance

This research will improve the ability to maximize energy from renewable energy sources, through the development of efficient and high-performance power conversions systems.

Maximizing the Potential of Renewable Energy

With less than one per cent of the energy consumed globally derived from solar, wind, and ocean energy sources, the need and opportunity for growth in renewable energy is immense. The global commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and the growing demand for clean energy, have spurred innovation. Our renewable energy sources are still not being exploited to their full potential. One of the barriers is the intermittency of many renewable sources. For example, when the wind drops, wind turbines stop turning, meaning that consumers cannot rely on a steady flow of energy.

Dr. Martin Ordonez, Canada Research Chair in Power Converters for Renewable Energy Systems, is helping maximize the use of renewable energy resources by developing methods and power architectures to store and deploy renewable energy. The results would provide communities and industry with reliable, low greenhouse gas emission power.

Ordonez is developing power converters and controllers needed for large-scale smart energy systems that can extract, transform, store and generate low-emission power from a variety of intermittent sources. His innovative technologies and techniques will enable engineers to create highly flexible, robust energy systems for buildings, industrial applications and, ultimately, entire communities. These energy systems will be able not only to adjust to daily fluctuations in energy demands, but also to increase their capacity as reliance on renewable energy grows.

Ordonez’s research will help Canada’s energy sector maximize productivity and adapt to demand, allowing renewable energy to become a reliable and dynamic resource for consumers in Canada and around the world.