Peer Review

Canada Research Chairs are awarded following a rigorous peer review process, in which members of the College of Reviewers assess each application and make recommendations to the Chairs Steering Committee for funding.

Review Process

  • A minimum of three expert reviewers from the College of Reviewers assesses each new or renewal nomination, and, if applicable, the related Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) infrastructure request.
  • The Interdisciplinary Adjudication Committee reviews all nominations that have received one or more unfavourable assessments from members of the College of Reviewers.
  • Based on the recommendations of the members of the College of Reviewers and/or the Interdisciplinary Adjudication Committee, the Secretariat makes funding recommendations to the program’s executive director or the steering committee.
  • In the case of CFI infrastructure requests or cluster infrastructure requests (where the CFI funding is to be shared by two or more chairholders) the reviewers make their recommendation to the Secretariat, which is responsible for the coordination of the peer-review process. The Secretariat communicates the recommendation to CFI, which makes the final decision.