Equity Recognition 2012

The Chairs Secretariat is pleased to recognize the University of Victoria as having exemplary practices in recruiting, nominating and/or appointing Canada Research Chairs and meeting their equity targets for the representation of the four designated groups among chairholders for year 2012.

Applications for the 2012 Canada Research Chairs Equity Recognition process were submitted to the program in January 2012 and were considered by the program’s Advisory Committee on Equity Policy.

The University of Victoria’s Equity Practices

The University of Victoria has developed a strategy to achieve, and to continue to improve, its Canada Research Chairs equity targets. Their strategy to ensure that the recruitment of chairholders is open, equitable and transparent includes the following practices:

  • including an equity statement in all chair position advertisements;
  • organizing robust recruitment training, with an emphasis on equity;
  • incorporating equity planning into their hiring processes;
  • designating an adviser on equity and diversity to the Provost, to advise and work with selection committees;
  • establishing the adviser to the Provost as the point of contact for faculty and staff requiring accommodation at any stage of recruitment and internal grant application processes;
  • developing a mentoring and coaching program for new chairholders;
  • supporting both formal and informal research networking and partnerships;
  • complying with the Federal Contractors Program: monitor and promote self-identification of members of the designated groups;
  • working with faculty caucus groups (e.g., Academic Women's Caucus, Minority and Indigenous Women Instructors, Faculty Disability Caucus, Indigenous Faculty Caucus) to support members of designated groups;
  • working, through the Office of the Vice-President Academic and Provost, and the Human Resources department, to support and accommodate faculty during times of sick leave and disability; and
  • through the Office of the Vice-President Academic and Provost, providing robust academic leadership training.

The impacts of these equity initiatives have resulted in the University of Victoria exceeding their equity targets for chairholder representation from among women, visible minorities and Aboriginal Peoples.

UVic consistently implements equity policies and best practices in faculty hiring, including when recruiting for the highly sought-after Canada Research Chair positions. As president, I am also pleased that UVic has succeeded so well in recruiting a diverse group of excellent Canada Research Chairs, despite the fact that we occasionally face the challenge of limited candidate pools in designated fields.”

David H. Turpin, CM, PhD, FRSC
President and Vice-Chancellor
University of Victoria