Susan Machum

Canada Research Chair in Rural Social Justice

Tier 2 - 2017-11-01
Renewed: 2011-10-01
St. Thomas University
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council


Research involves

Studying how rural communities are responding to such challenges as climate change and to such opportunities as the local food movement.

Research relevance

This research will lead to new knowledge of how local food movements are contributing to sustainability, revitalizing rural communities, and ensuring food security for Canadians.

Promoting Food Security in a Changing Rural Landscape

Factors such as climate and environmental change, and global economic instability, are putting greater focus on food security in Canada. Those factors are also fuelling growth in the local food and sustainability movements.

Dr. Susan Machum, Canada Research Chair in Rural Social Justice, is studying how rural communities are responding to the opportunities and challenges farmers face as they adapt to meet local needs rather than export markets.

Machum is examining the impacts current policies are having on farm household incomes and livelihoods. She is also analyzing how local food movement initiatives are transforming production practices and contributing to sustainability.

In addition, she is detailing how rural communities are revitalizing their livelihoods, and creating new opportunities for themselves amid global social and economic change.

Machum’s research will improve the relationship between rural and urban communities on food security – an issue of growing importance for the future economic and social wellbeing of Canadians.