Jonathan Rhys Kesselman

Canada Research Chair in Public Finance

Tier 1 - 2017-11-01
Simon Fraser University
Social Sciences and Humanities


Research involves

Analyzing key design issues for taxation and income transfers, using applied economic theory and institutional factors.

Research relevance

The research is aimed at improving the understanding of and guidance for practical design of taxation and income security policies.

Economic Design of Taxes and Transfers

The design of taxation and transfer policies has been an area of long-standing interest for economic and policy researchers. Given the potential of these policies for affecting incentives, efficiency, and growth, and given their major role in moderating the inequalities of a market economy, their proper design is of paramount importance to our society.

The research of Jonathan Kesselman bridges the domains of applied economic theory and institutional policy analysis to address the design and performance of taxes and transfers. His work covers the design of tax systems and income transfers, the inter-relations between taxes and transfers, and the finance of social insurance.

Dr. Kesselman's work as the Canada Research Chair in Public Finance extends his previous lines of research into new areas of policy design for taxation and income security. He is synthesizing and extending the economic analysis underlying the design of a wide range of income security and social programs. He is also studying the interaction between taxes and transfers and the design of work-related transfer policies.

In addition to this analytical research, Dr. Kesselman plans to apply his findings to contemporary policy issues in Canadian public finance.