Rajnikant Patel

Canada Research Chair in Advanced Robotics and Control

Tier 1 - 2017-11-01
Renewed: 2011-10-01
Western University
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council


Research involves

Developing robotic systems and devices that can be used for minimally-invasive surgery and therapy and for surgical training.

Research relevance

This research will result in new technologies that will enable medical interventions to be performed more safely and effectively with reduced trauma and faster recovery.

Robotics to Ease the Healthcare Burden

Canada’s healthcare system is struggling with long wait times for surgery and a shortage of healthcare providers. These problems will only be exacerbated by the healthcare needs of an aging population.

Enter Dr. Rajnikant Patel, Canada Research Chair in Advanced Robotics and Control, who is doing his part to ease the burdens on the healthcare system by developing novel robotic technology.

Patel is developing image-guided robotics that will assist in minimally-invasive lung cancer treatment. Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in Canada and the robotics would be helpful for patients who are too weak to withstand the trauma of open surgery or have poor lung reserves.

Patel’s research could also lead to major advances in robotics-assisted cardiac interventions that involve insertion and guidance of a catheter. He is investigating ways to address the complications that currently arise from the difficulty in achieving accurate and reliable positioning and control of the catheter. The resulting technology would have significant potential for use in minimally-invasive treatment of cardiovascular disease.

The robotics Patel is developing would make medical interventions more efficient, safer and less traumatic, while ensuring faster recovery and shorter hospital stays. Patel is also adapting the technology for various devices and systems that would be used for surgical training and skills assessment of new surgeons.