Jay Kaufman

Canada Research Chair in Health Disparities

Tier 1 - 2017-11-01
McGill University
Canadian Institutes of Health Research


Coming to Canada From

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Research involves

Understanding disparities in health among various population groups.

Research relevance

This research will investigate the causes of health disparities so that policies can be created that achieve greater health equity and social justice.

Why do Some People Lead Longer and Healthier Lives?

Health disparities due to race, ethnicity, nativity or language pose a grave challenge to the principles that allow a diverse society to function peacefully and cohesively.

That’s why the study of health disparities and the search for ways to diminish them are priorities for every nation that aspires to equality.

Dr. Jay Kaufman, Canada Research Chair in Health Disparities, is analyzing health disparities in Canada and comparing them to other countries, such as the United States and Chile. With an average of 250,000 immigrants arriving annually, Canada shares with European nations the challenge of large foreign-born populations who are struggling to adjust to rapid changes in lifestyle, language and culture.

In his research, Kaufman is examining a variety of health outcomes related to demographic factors, especially adverse reproductive, infectious and cardiovascular events.

Kaufman’s research will help in the development of policies that provide greater health equity and social justice.