Phillip Vannini

Canada Research Chair in Innovative Learning and Public Ethnography

Tier 2 - 2017-11-01
Renewed: 2016-02-01
Royal Roads University
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

250-391-2600 ext./poste 4477

Research involves

Using new and traditional communication strategies to conduct ethnographic research on people who live off traditional energy grids.

Research relevance

This research will improve the understanding of the lifestyles of people who live off the grid and increase appreciation of the role of ethnography (the study of races and cultures) in the public sphere.

The Stories of Those Who Live Off the Grid

In today’s environmentally conscious world, a growing number of people are seeking more sustainable methods of collecting and using electricity, heat and water. Some are going so far as to live outside of traditional energy grids.

Through the use of ethnographic research, Dr. Phillip Vannini, Canada Research Chair in Innovative Learning and Public Ethnography, is exploring the lifestyles of people who live off the grid.

Vannini is gathering stories and experiences from people across Canada as they endeavour to live their lives off the grid. He is exploring such themes as the conflict between a world that is increasingly more dependent on power and a future that relies less on massive power delivery systems.

To tell the stories of those off the grid, Vannini aims to take advantage of user-friendly and relatively inexpensive new media and new technologies.

Vannini’s research will shed more light on the way of life of people who choose to go off the grid. In doing so, Vannini will also help make ethnographic research as captivating and as easily accessible as the best of popular culture.