Ahmed Kishk

Canada Research Chair in Advanced Antenna Systems

Tier 1 - 2017-11-01
Concordia University
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council

514-848-2424, ext./poste 3024

Coming to Canada From

University of Mississippi, USA

Research involves

Developing advanced miniaturized antennas for personal communication, smart antennas and microwave biomedical sensors.

Research relevance

This research will lead to the development of miniaturized antennas that serve a number of diverse applications.

Tapping the Demand for Miniature Antennas

Wireless devices like smart phones are becoming increasingly complicated as more functions are added onto them. This has led to a growing need for high-performance, miniaturized antenna designs for devices that are getting smaller and lighter.

Dr. Ahmed Kishk, Canada Research Chair in Advanced Antenna Systems, is studying antennas and microwave circuits. Kishk is focusing on the development of miniaturized antennas that can accommodate the many frequency bands used in a wide array of multi-functional devices.

He also aims to develop miniaturized antennas that have other microwave functions and are capable of serving diverse applications. In addition, Kishk’s work involves adding solar energy harvesting capabilities to antennas to allow batteries to recharge on their own, thus extending their operating lives.

Kishk’s work will not only expand the functionality of personal communication devices, but will also be useful in a number of other applications, including affordable anti-collision radar for vehicles, also personal radar for boarder security, radio frequency identification technology for sensor remote monitoring and cancer detection.