Mark Taylor

Canada Research Chair in Molecular Recognition and Catalysis

Tier 2 - 2017-11-01
Renewed: 2017-07-01
University of Toronto
Natural Sciences and Engineering


Research involves

Understanding molecular recognition—the details of how molecules interact with each other—and using it to create new products and chemical reactions.

Research relevance

This research could lead to new drugs and biological probes, and to progress in fields ranging from nanotechnology to materials science.

How our Bodies’ Molecules Interact

Everything that happens in our bodies occurs due to specific interactions between molecules. "Molecular recognition" is a term used to describe these interactions.

Understanding molecular recognition is what motivates Dr. Mark Taylor, Canada Research Chair in Molecular Recognition and Catalysis. Taylor aims to understand the details of molecular interactions, so that progress can be made in fields as diverse as drug design, nanotechnology and materials science.

Taylor also seeks to make use of the interactions involved in molecular recognition by developing new types of catalysts—substances that cause or speed up chemical reactions without being subject to any chemical change themselves.

Harnessing molecular recognition interactions will allow Taylor to create valuable new products from simple starting materials. These products could ultimately be used as drugs or biological probes. And they will be made much more efficiently thanks to the power of molecular recognition and Taylor’s research.