Diana Brydon

Canada Research Chair in Globalization and Cultural Studies

Tier 1 - 2017-11-01
University of Manitoba
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council


Research involves

Drawing on humanities and social sciences methods and perspectives to examine globalization and what it means for Canadian culture.

Research relevance

This research will improve understanding of how globalization and culture interact.

How Culture and Globalization Interact

How do people around the world negotiate meaning in contexts and cultures that have different norms of understanding? That’s what Dr. Diana Brydon, Canada Research Chair in Globalization and Cultural Studies, is investigating. Focusing on literary and cultural production in English, Brydon is investigating how teaching and learning in English can advance cross-cultural understanding and facilitate transnational research partnership development.

She is addressing the challenge of developing transnational literacies in a globalizing knowledge economy. Brydon’s research aims to answer a number of questions, such as: How do ideas travel? How are evolving local and global relations transforming the practices of academic disciplines and reconfiguring cultural, national and educational studies? How is globalization changing what people need to know and learn, how they learn, and how they can communicate their understanding across their differences?

Brydon’s research will show how the analysis of cultural practices under conditions of globalization can contribute to furthering transcultural understanding and interdisciplinary collaboration in Canada and abroad. It will also provide important new insights into Canada’s social and cultural development, and its place on the world stage.