Sidong Huang

Canada Research Chair in Functional Genomics

Tier 2 - 2013-10-01
Renewed: 2018-10-01
McGill University
Canadian Institutes of Health Research


Coming to Canada From

The Netherlands Cancer Institute, The Netherlands

Research involves

Using functional genomic tools to study cancer-relevant pathways and guide targeted cancer therapy.

Research relevance

This research will provide potential cancer treatment strategies to overcome drug resistance and could lead to clinical benefits for cancer patients.

Using Functional Genomics to Guide Cancer Therapy

Drug resistance is a major clinical challenge in cancer therapy. Not all patients respond to the same treatments, and many who initially respond will later develop drug resistance. As well, some cancers are difficult to treat because we cannot directly target their cancer-causing mutations. To develop more effective treatments, we need to better understand these resistance mechanisms.

Dr. Sidong Huang, Canada Research Chair in Functional Genomics, is studying resistance to cancer therapeutics and uncovering effective strategies to overcome drug resistance and target hard-to-treat cancers. He and his research team are using genetic screening tools that probe gene function in a high-throughput manner.

Huang and his research team are trying to identify the novel components and feedback circuits that influence patients’ responses to cancer drugs. Understanding these mechanisms will help them to identify new drug targets and effective drug combinations to fight therapy resistance. They are also systematically searching for new ways to battle hard-to-treat cancers, using drug repositioning approaches to reduce the cost and time of drug development.

Huang’s research will deliver insights into how drug resistance works, identify biomarkers of drug responses, and provide effective treatment strategies. Ultimately, it will result in clinical benefits for cancer patients.