Jing Li

Canada Research Chair in Global Investment Strategy

Tier 2 - 2017-11-01
Simon Fraser University
Social Sciences and Humanities


Research involves

Investigating what factors determine multinational firms’ international investment strategies.

Research relevance

This research will make it easier for firms in emerging markets to start up and succeed, while also helping Canadian firms better compete with those from emerging markets.

Business Beyond Borders: Helping Multinationals Improve Their Investment Strategies

The firms in emerging markets are an increasingly important source of investment in Canada, as well as being a source of competition for Canadian firms. (Emerging markets are those that are considered less developed than the major economies of North America or Western Europe, such as Brazil, India, Russia and China.) As Canada Research Chair in Global Investment Strategy, Dr. Jing Li is studying the global investment strategies of emerging market firms to better understand how they succeed.

A primary focus of Li’s research is how political relations affect these firms’ international investment strategies. This is an important consideration because some emerging market governments are involved in developing other countries’ infrastructures. For example, the Chinese government provides substantial aid to African countries.

Li’s research is also concerned with how some multinational firms, especially those in emerging economies, are not always perceived as legitimate: for example, factors such as little or no technological innovation, or state ownership, can work against them. Li is examining the obstacles these firms must overcome and how they can adapt their strategies accordingly.

Li’s work will advance international business research, and has practical implications for firms and policy makers looking to attract investment in Canada from emerging market firms. Her findings will help keep Canada competitive in the global market—by providing insights into how to attract investment, and into how Canadian firms can compete with companies around the world.