Sheri Madigan

Canada Research Chair in Determinants of Child Development

Tier 2 - 2015-10-01
Renewed: 2020-10-01
University of Calgary
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council


Research involves

Integrating methodological and statistical approaches that will help us understand the causes and consequences of typical and atypical child development.

Research relevance

This research will advance our understanding of the key factors that set children up for success, and will lead to strategies that foster optimal child development.

Research summary

For a society to thrive, its members need opportunities to establish and develop healthy relationships in early childhood. But now that digital media is such an integral part of people’s daily lives, it has the potential to disrupt family interactions and children’s development. Yet it is vastly under-studied.

Dr. Sheri Madigan, Canada Research Chair in Determinants of Child Development, is trying to address this research gap. She and her research team hope to make use of multi-method, multi-informant data collection to capture the nuances and complexities of family dynamics and children’s developmental processes with regards to the potentially encroaching influence of digital media in contemporary family life. Ultimately, their work may help us to understand and avoid digital influences that can interrupt the development of healthy childhood relationships.