Timothy J Green

Canada Research Chair in Shellfish Health and Genomics

Tier 2 - 2018-01-02
Vancouver Island University
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council

250-753-3245, ext. 6132

Coming to Canada From

Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia

Research involves

Breeding shellfish that are resilient to ocean acidification, disease and other future threats.

Research relevance

This research aims to improve the sustainability of aquaculture and future-proof the shellfish industry in Canada and the world.

Studying How Shellfish Have Evolved to Adapt to Climate Change and Disease

Climate change and infectious diseases are the two biggest threats to sustainable shellfish farming.

Dr. Timothy Green, Canada Research Chair in Shellfish Health and Genomics, aims to help future-proof the shellfish industry in Canada and the world by figuring out how to breed shellfish that will be resilient to the effects of climate change and disease.

Green and his research team are investigating evolutionary adaptation in shellfish—exploring how their genetic material have changed over time to help them adapt to threats. They are determining the genetic and epigenetic mechanisms involved in this adaptation. Their work is expected to underpin the implementation of a breeding program in Canada that will produce shellfish that can withstand threats stemming from infectious disease and the effects of climate change.

Ultimately, Green’s research will contribute to the development of sustainable shellfish farming in Canada and around the world.