Marc Strous

Canada Research Chair in Geomicrobiology

Tier 1 - 2022-01-01
University of Calgary
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council

Research summary

Groundwater is an important source of water for agriculture, industry and communities, and about a third of Canadians depend on it for domestic use-yet many of the micro-organisms that inhabit groundwater ecosystems are still completely unknown. As Canada Research Chair in Geomicrobiology, Dr. Marc Strous is trying to unravel the complex interactions between the rock, soil, water, air and micro-organisms that determine the health of groundwater ecosystems.

By combining field studies, laboratory experiments and cutting-edge molecular biology, Strous and his research team hope to discover new modes of microbial life and develop strategies for more effective stewardship of groundwater. Ultimately, their work will improve our understanding of-and ability to manage-the groundwater ecosystems that support life on Earth.