Gregory Fairn

Canada Research Chair in Multiomics of Lipids and Innate Immunity

Tier 1 - 2021-10-01
Dalhousie University
Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Research summary

Inflammation is a complex response to pathogens and damaged tissues. It is meant to help the body clear infections and damage so tissues can return to their normal state. But many Canadians have excess inflammation that affects their health. This can range from prolonged low-level inflammation—such as in inflammatory bowel disease, heart disease or arthritis—to the more extreme “cytokine storm” seen in some COVID-19 patients.

As Canada Research Chair in Multiomics of Lipids and Innate Immunity, Dr. Gregory Fairn is investigating how cellular lipid metabolism and the cells of the innate immune system promote health and how their dysregulation contributes to human disease. He and his research team are using state-of-the-art ’omics platforms (including proteomics, lipidomics, metabolomics, and functional genomics), advanced imaging and machine learning to study the underlying pathologies and identify drug targets. They are focusing on the role of inflammation in inflammatory bowel disease, bacterial infections, heart disease and cancer. Ultimately, their research may identify new treatments for these diseases.