Alejandro G. Marangoni

Canada Research Chair in Food, Health and Aging

Tier 1 - 2017-11-01
Renewed: 2011-10-01
University of Guelph
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council

519-824-4120 ext. 54340

Research involves

Studying the physical properties of fats and oils; understanding the structure of soft food materials.

Research relevance

Manufacturing specialty fats and oils for medical applications; modifying fats to achieve desired physical properties. Manufacture of food products and beverages.

Fortifying Fats

What if scientists could break down the structure of fats, oils and soft food materials and then alter their basic structure?

Alejandro Marangoni's research is dedicated to doing just that. The University of Guelph researcher is delving into the basic structure and physical properties of fats and oils, be it milk fat, butter, cocoa butter or other substances. He is examining the formation of the fat crystal network within these products, which can affect such things as how easy it is to spread margarine, butter and other fat-containing products, or the consistency of chocolate.

This research has key industrial applications for creating new food-processing methods and manufacturing value-added products. Awarding Marangoni this research chair will allow him to continue to study and characterize the structure of these soft foods, and to develop ways in which they can be modified to create specialty fats and oils with desired applications.

These resources will also help consolidate Guelph's reputation as an international leader in food science research, particularly in the area of value-added products. Marangoni's research holds major interest for industry as it considers advances in food processing, food stability and shelf life, and food packaging.

Marangoni is considered one of the top young leaders around the world in the field of food science. His accomplishments describing the nature of fat crystal networks and how they can be used to predict the flow of matter is groundbreaking science - an accomplishment which will be one of many as this chair allows Marangoni to forge ahead with his research.