Azzedine Boukerche

Canada Research Chair in Large-Scale Distributed Simulation and Vehicular Networking

Tier 1 - 2013-08-01
Renewed: 2013-11-01, 2020-07-01
University of Ottawa
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council

613-562-5800 ext./poste 6712

Coming to Canada From

University of North Texas, USA

Research involves

Developing algorithms for large-scale, distributed simulation systems, wireless sensor networking and mobile peer-to-peer computing.

Research relevance

This research will lead to algorithms and protocols for use in large-scale simulation systems using peer-to-peer and cloud computing paradigms.

Research summary

The mobile edge/fog computing paradigm is a promising solution for new and emerging storage burdens and computation-intensive applications. Distributed, simulation-based training facilities, smart disaster-management systems, intelligent transportation systems, and smart cities are examples of applications that can benefit significantly from the mobile edge/fog computing paradigm. In this Canada Research Chairs research program, Dr. Azzidine Boukerche proposes novel techniques—including theoretical and practical aspects of mobile fog/edge computing; large-scale, distributed systems;  and mobile networking—to design efficient, scalable, meaningful distributed and mobile systems, such as those for large-scale distributed simulations and intelligent, connected/autonomous vehicular networks.