College of Reviewers

Each year over 1,000 scientists and scholars volunteer their time and effort to reviewing applications to the Canada Research Chairs Program. Their contributions ensure that all Chairs are awarded based on an independent peer review process that adheres to the highest international standards of quality and integrity.

Peer review is an integral component of the Chairs Program, and more broadly, of Canada’s efforts to attract, retain and train internationally competitive researchers. As a member of the College of Reviewers you have made an outstanding contribution to the Canada Research Chairs Program and, importantly, to the current landscape of Canadian research excellence.

The Canada Research Chairs Program would like to thank each member of the College of Reviewers who has volunteered their time and expertise to the peer review process, as well as the many current Canada Research Chairs who have participated in peer review activities. Your hard work is crucial to ensuring the success of the Canada Research Chairs Program.

In particular, we would like to recognize 91 of our reviewers for their exceptional efforts. Each of these scholars reviewed 10 or more nominations since the program began in 2000, and their average turnaround time was 21 days or less. In 2017, we welcomed an additional five reviewers to the illustrious group, five of which are formally recognized below. A special thank you to:

Carolyn Kenny – Antioch University
Morven Gentleman – Dalhousie University
Praveen Jain – Queen’s University
Robert Hancock – The University of British Columbia
Stephen Michnick – Université de Montréal
Andrew French – Dalhousie University
Byron Gates – Simon Fraser University
William G. Honer – The University of British Columbia
Christopher J. Pritchet – University of Victoria
Elise F. Stanley – University of Toronto
Joshua Wand – University of Pennsylvania
Joel H. Weiner – University of Alberta
Jianhong Wu – York University
Vincent Duronio — The University of British Columbia
Michel Maziade — Université Laval
Yoshua Bengio — Université de Montréal
Richard J. Beninger — Queen's University
Sean T. Cadigan — Memorial University of Newfoundland
Neena L. Chappell — University of Victoria
Brock M. Fenton — Western University
Phillip Gardiner — The University of Manitoba
Clément M. Gosselin — Université Laval
Paul M. Matthews — University of Oxford
Duncan J. Stewart — University of Ottawa
Thomas Tiedje — The University of British Columbia
Jacques Albert — Carleton University
Hymie Anisman — Carleton University
André Bandrauk — Université de Sherbrooke
Leo Behie — The University of Calgary
Jean-François Blais — Institut nationale de la recherche scientifique
Linda Bonen — University of Ottawa
Jacques Corbeil — Université Laval
Sadik Dost — University of Victoria
Brian Golding — McMaster University
Andrew Grant — Université de Sherbrooke
Hani Henein — University of Alberta
Safa Kasap — University of Saskatchewan
Brian MacVicar — The University of British Columbia
Dan Marlow — Princeton University
Leo Renaud — University of Ottawa
David Rose — University of Waterloo
David Staines — University of Ottawa
Douglas Stephan — University of Toronto
William Taylor —University of Waterloo
David Thomas — McGill University
Bruce Trapp — Lerner Research Institute
Anthony Vandervoort — Western University
Jeff Young — The University of British Columbia
Lorne A. Babiuk — University of Alberta
R. Tom Baker — University of Ottawa
John L. Brash — McMaster University
Margaret E. Brosnan — Memorial University of Newfoundland
James L. Brunton — University of Toronto
Raymond G. Carlberg —University of Toronto
Allyn R. Clarke — Bedford Institute of Oceanography
Ajay K. Dalai — University of Saskatchewan
Regna Darnell — Western University
Pierre Demarque — Yale University
Robert Fedosejevs — University of Alberta
Aaron Fenster — Western University
John R. Grace — The University of British Columbia
Murray R. Gray — University of Alberta
Gordon D. Haffner — University of Windsor
Robert Hegele — Western University
David P. Josephy — University of Guelph
John Kalaska — Université de Montréal
Bernd Franz Lang — Université de Montréal
Jonathan LaMarre — University of Guelph
Victor J. Lieffers — University of Alberta
David Lillicrap — Queen's University
Jean S. Marshall — Dalhousie University
Catherine E. Morris — University of Ottawa
Kelly R. Munkittrick — Université du Nouveau-Brunswick
Hanne L. Ostergaard — University of Alberta
Gilles Paradis — Université McGill
Grant N. Pierce — St. Boniface General Hospital Research Centre
David Proud — The University of Calgary
Noralou P. Roos — The University of Manitoba
Walter W. Rosser — Queen's University
Daniel Salée — Concordia University
Esmond J. Sanders — University of Alberta
Gary Shaw — Western University
Laura Sigg — Swiss Fed Ins Tech
Clay Smith — The University of British Columbia
Mary E. Thompson — University of Waterloo
Roy West — Memorial University of Newfoundland
John A. Wilkins — Manitoba Centre for Proteomics and Systems Biology
Henry Martin Van Driel — University of Toronto
Paul G. Young — Queen's University
Martin Zinke-Allmang — Western University