Yahia M. Antar

Canada Research Chair in Electromagnetic Engineering

Tier 1 - 2017-11-01
Renewed: 2016-07-01
Royal Military College of Canada
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council

613-541-6000 ext./poste 6403

Research involves

Innovations in microwave and millimeter wave antennas, components and circuits for communication purposes.

Research relevance

Issues to be explored are at the leading edge of technology in the areas of communications, remote sensing, electromagnetic compatibility and interference and other applications of electromagnetics and microwaves.

Electromagnetics: The Future of Communications

Wireless, satellite and mobile communications continue to transform our society in many ways, and are becoming increasingly pivotal factors in the growth of information technology. Most of the communication frequency bands allocated to these types of communications fall in the microwave and millimeter-wave frequencies, which are becoming important for applications such as broadband wireless and satellite communication, automotive collision avoidance systems, remote sensing, phased array radars and radar astronomy. All of these applications rely on research in applied electromagnetics.

Dr. Yahia Antar, Canada Research Chair in Electromagnetic Engineering, is highly distinguished and internationally recognized in his field. Components and communications systems he designed with his research team and collaborators have been used in antenna systems, Canadian satellites, local multipoint communication services (LMCS), base stations and radar systems.

Dr. Antar will continue his research into innovations in microwave and millimeter wave antennas, components and circuits for communication purposes. He will also investigate some resulting fundamental issues of electromagnetic wave applications and interactions. The main topics of his research include: dielectric resonator antennas; uniplanar and quasi-optical active antennas; phased arrays and smart antennas; electromagnetic modelling and effects; polarimetric techniques in remote sensing; and numerical and analytical modelling.

Dr. Antar's work will bring together research in electromagnetics, and integrated and active circuits through collaborations with researchers at the RMC and several Canadian universities (eg. Queen's University, University of Ottawa, École Polytechnique), government research laboratories (e.g., Communications Research Centre, Canadian Space Agency, Defense Research Establishment) and collaborating industries (eg. Nortel Networks, ComDev, Antenna Industries and ACERAM Technologies).

This research is of vital importance to the training of highly qualified personnel in the area of microwave engineering, where there is a continuous demand for expertise by Canadian industries and government institutions.