John Yeow

Canada Research Chair in Micro and Nanodevices

Tier 2 - 2017-11-01
Renewed: 2014-03-01
University of Waterloo
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council

519-888-4567 ext./poste 32152

Research involves

Developing micro and nanodevices (machines that work on a molecular level) that help create new medical instruments that can detect diseases such as cancer in their early stages.

Research relevance

This research will lead to the development of new medical instruments and devices for the early diagnosis and therapy of diseases.

Treating Diseases with Micro and Nanotechnologies

With tens of thousands of people dying in Canada every year from cancer, treatment is a high priority for both the government and the Canadian population.

As Canada Research Chair in Micro and Nanodevices, Dr. John T.W. Yeow is developing miniature devices and highly selective sensors that will help create new medical instruments for diagnosing and treating diseases like cancer.

Bringing together knowledge and technology from chemistry and from materials and chemical engineering labs, Yeow will design, develop, manufacture, and test a miniaturized catheter device for in vivo, or internal, body imaging. This device will allow physicians to examine small and previously unseen human cavities, and assist in the early detection of diseases such as cancer.

Yeow is also developing miniature radiation instruments and sensors for cancer treatment that will allow for a more focused, yet less invasive, delivery of radiation treatment, as well as real-time measurement of the delivered dose during radiation therapy.

Ultimately, Yeow’s research will improve patients' quality-of-life through the early detection of disease and the development of more effective treatment. In this translational research, the technologies developed will find applications in areas beyond biomedical applications.