Raafat R. Mansour

Canada Research Chair in Micro and Nano Integrated RF Systems

Tier 1 - 2017-11-01
Renewed: 2017-06-01
University of Waterloo
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council

519-888-4567 ext./poste 35780

Research involves

RF Engineering, Microwave, Microsystems, MEMS, NEMS, Integrated MEMS/CMOS Devices, Nanotechnology.

Research relevance

Developing a new class of RF integrated systems and instrumentations for telecommunication and nanotechnology applications.

Innovation, Miniaturization and Integration

The continuous demands for downscaling Radio Frequencies (RF) devices to the sub-micro region and the emergence of novel nano-scale materials and fabrication technologies are leading to breakthroughs in RF integrated systems for widespread applications. Throughout his industrial and academic career, Dr. Mansour has been a pioneer in employing emerging materials to develop novel RF devices with unprecedented performance. He has gained international recognition as a leading researcher with a multifaceted research in RF engineering. His patented discoveries have greatly advanced the RF industry.

Building on his innovative research work in RF engineering and microsystems, Dr. Mansour embarks to develop the next generation of nano-scale RF devices and systems. His research program will introduce a new class of RF systems and instrumentations that leverage the benefits of integrating RF, Micro and Nano technologies on a single-chip. This unique chip-scaled technology platform will enable the development of highly advanced RF systems for use in applications such as wireless communication, biomedical and nano-instrumentations.

The University of Waterloo has profound existing strengths in Micro and Nano technologies. The campus is home to world-class nanotechnology researchers, flagship CFI research facilities, and Canada’s first Nanotechnology undergraduate degree program. As a Canada Research Chair in Micro and Nano Integrated RF Systems, Dr. Mansour will make use of these strengths to drive innovation in Micro-Nano technology establishing collaborations with other nanotechnology researchers and exploring new directions in broad multidisciplinary fields. Dr. Mansour has a proven strong track record as a supervisor and mentor of graduate students. He will continue to make the essential contribution to attract outstanding graduate students and researchers under this Canada Research Chair program.