Elizabeth Mancke

Canada Research Chair in Atlantic Canada Studies

Tier 1 - 2012-07-01
Renewed: 2019-07-01
University of New Brunswick
Social Sciences and Humanities


Coming to Canada From

University of Akron, Ohio, USA

Research involves

Using pre-Confederation legislation to compile an open-source database and a comparative analysis of political cultures in British North America.

Research relevance

This research is analyzing how colonies in British North America balanced imperial, provincial and local claims, and the legacy in Canadian political discourse and international discussions of global governance.

Law-making in pre-Confederation British North America

Atlantic Canada has faced tremendous challenges within the last 500 years—including transatlantic and continental pulls, commercial exploitation and settler expansion, forced removal of local populations and extremes of wealth and poverty. These historical circumstances make Atlantic Canada an important but often overlooked microcosm of complex trends associated with European expansion and the development of the modern world. Dr. Elizabeth Mancke, Canada Research Chair in Atlantic Canada Studies, is studying how British North Americans balanced imperial, provincial and local claims and staked out their positions within an increasingly interdependent, globalized and culturally diverse British empire. Mancke is also capturing provincial perspectives in the six pre-Confederation colonies—Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Lower Canada, Upper Canada, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland—by analyzing the legislation they passed. In addition, Mancke is compiling the BNA Legislative Database, which she will make available as an open-source research tool. Her research will shed light on the role Atlantic Canada has played in North American and world history.