Girma T. Bitsuamlak

Canada Research Chair in Wind Engineering

Tier 2 - 2017-11-01
Renewed: 2017-04-01
Western University
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council

519 661.2111 Ext. 88028

Research involves

Combining computer simulations and laboratory experiments to uncover extreme climate impacts on buildings and neighborhoods in order to find ways to control and reduce their adverse effects.

Research relevance

This research will enhance the resiliency and sustainability of our communities in relation to extreme climate.

Modelling the effects of climate change on our built-environment

Canada's diverse geography and extreme climate increases our exposure to natural hazards. With aging infrastructure, population growth and climate change, this vulnerability is increasing. To maintain the safety and prosperity of our communities, it is vital to develop a comprehensive framework to assess and mitigate the impact of extreme climate on the built environment.

As Canada Research Chair in Wind Engineering, Dr. Girma Bitsuamlak aims to develop novel high-performance, computer-based numerical models and large-scale experimental approaches that will enable community-level wind performance assessments. This approach is unique as it considers the impact of aerodynamics on progressive failure.

It also examines the interdependence of the cladding and structural systems of not only individual buildings but neighbourhoods. This is enabled by using a combination of Canada’s super computer, the Blue Gene, the WindEEE Dome at Western University, innovative 3D printers and drone-based remote sensing.

Bitsuamlak’s research will be used to develop new performance-based design approaches, inform the next generation of building codes and standards, develop mechanics-based loss modelling and to innovate various wind mitigation technologies.