Piero Triverio

Canada Research Chair in Modelling of Electrical Interconnects

Tier 2 - 2017-11-01
University of Toronto
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council


Research involves

Designing the next generation of small- and large-scale "interconnect networks".

Research relevance

This research will result in faster, more powerful information and communications technology products, and will improve electricity distribution to cities.

Designing next Generation Electricity Networks

While "interconnect networks" may not mean much to most people, these networks provide electricity to our cities, and power electronic products from smartphones to airplanes.

Inside every electronic product is a multitude of densely packed wires connecting millions of components. Each wire can deliver billions of bits per second, enabling us to text a friend or download music. On a much larger scale, interconnect networks distribute energy to power everything in cities—from subway systems to the lights in our homes.

It is crucial that the next generation of interconnect networks, be designed to satisfy our ongoing demand for more powerful electronic products, and our increased electricity usage.

Existing modelling techniques for interconnect networks cannot handle the growing complexity of both small- and large-scale interconnects. This may impair the design of next-generation electronic products and power-distribution networks. Dr. Piero Triverio, Canada Research Chair in Modelling of Electrical Interconnects, is addressing this challenge in his research.

Triverio’s work will result in new knowledge that can be applied on small and large scales leading to improved information and communication technology products and more reliable and efficient energy distribution.