Julie Hlavacek-Larrondo

Canada Research Chair in Observational Astrophysics of Black Holes

Tier 2 - 2015-05-01
Renewed: 2020-05-01
Université de Montréal
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council


Coming to Canada From

Stanford University, United States of America

Research involves

Using x-ray, radio and optical observations to study black hole physics.

Research relevance

This research will help us better understand black holes and their role in the formation and evolution of galaxies.

Peering into black holes

During her first term as Canada Research Chair in Observational Astrophysics of Black Holes, Dr. Julie Hlaavacek-Larrondo developed a highly successful research program that resulted in more than 40 publications in leading journals. During her second term, she and her team will take these initial results to the next level by building a model that describes in detail how black hole feedback operates in massive galaxies.

This model will serve as a fundamental input for cosmological simulations, affecting many fields in astronomy, from black hole physics to galaxy physics and cosmology.