John McPhee

Canada Research Chair in Biomechatronic System Dynamics

Tier 1 - 2014-05-01
Renewed: 2021-05-01
University of Waterloo
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council

519-888-4567, ext./poste 35341

Research involves

Creating new modelling theories and computer algorithms for the dynamic analysis and design of biomechanical, mechatronic and multibody systems.

Research relevance

This research will result in innovative mechatronic and biomechanical systems that will improve the performance of all Canadians, including the elderly, athletes and persons with disabilities.

Research summary

Everyday activities, such as walking or driving a car, are not without risk: 80 per cent of all Canadian hospital admissions are due to falls or car accidents. Fortunately, the convergence of biomechanics, mechatronics and artificial intelligence has created a “perfect storm” of opportunity to create biomechatronic devices that can help or protect human users. Examples include driver-specific power steering, rehabilitation robots and exoskeletons for walking or lifting. 

As Canada Research Chair in Biomechatronic System Dynamics, Dr. John McPhee is supporting the creation of devices like these by developing new model-based controllers and computer simulations that have the potential to replace expensive testing of physical prototypes. Ultimately, McPhee and his research team hope to accelerate the creation of human-machine systems that will enhance Canadians’ quality of life.