Jonathan Chevrier

Canada Research Chair in Environmental Health Sciences

Tier 2 - 2014-10-01
Renewed: 2019-10-01
McGill University
Canadian Institutes of Health Research


Coming to Canada From

University of California, Berkeley, United States

Research involves

Identifying and managing the impact of environmental pollution on child health and development in Canada and around the world.

Research relevance

This research will increase awareness of the risks of exposing vulnerable populations to environmental pollutants, and will highlight strategies to reduce these risks.

Reducing health risks from chemical exposure

Human populations around the world are exposed to a wide range of environmental contaminants, but the human health effects of most chemicals in commercial use have not been fully evaluated. Children, as well as individuals of low socioeconomic standing or who experience high exposure in occupational settings, may be particularly vulnerable.

As Canada Research Chair in Environmental Health Sciences, Dr. Jonathan Chevrier’s research program will evaluate the health effects of widespread chemicals, including pesticides and plastic components, on human health among vulnerable populations. The goal is to reduce those risks and provide crucial information to the public and policy-makers to inform decisions on chemical policy.