Michael D. Rennie

Canada Research Chair in Freshwater Ecology and Fisheries

Tier 2 - 2015-01-01
Renewed: 2020-01-01
Lakehead University
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council


Research involves

Performing whole-lake experiments and lab and observational studies to determine environmental impacts on aquatic ecosystems as well as the dynamics and behaviours of fish populations.

Research relevance

By investigating the linkages between ecosystem change, fish behaviour and distribution, this research will contribute to better environmental policy and fisheries management practices in Canada.

Research summary

The restoration of lakes affected by human activities has been going on for decades, but biological recovery has often been slow and difficult to gauge because of a lack of pre-impact information.

Canada Research Chair in Freshwater Ecology and Fisheries Dr. Micheal Rennie and his research group are examining the impacts of emerging contaminants on aquatic ecosystems, and developing methods for identifying fish and other aquatic species that existed before the ecosystem was altered. This knowledge will enhance lake ecosystem recovery efforts by helping re-establish native species. Research documenting fish behaviour and movement will also be used to help inform more effective restoration strategies for recovering Great Lakes fish populations.