Eundeok Mun

Canada Research Chair in Materials Physics

Tier 2 - 2015-04-01
Renewed: 2020-04-01
Simon Fraser University
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council


Coming to Canada From

Los Alamos National Laboratory, United States

Research involves

Discovering and synthesizing novel materials with unusual magnetic and electronic ground states and studying coupling between electricity and magnetism.

Research relevance

This research will contribute to new applications in energy, medicine, sensing, and information and communications technologies.

Research summary

As Canada Research Chair in Materials Physics, Dr. Mun explores new quantum materials with potentially beneficial properties for electronic devices and energy technologies. The goal of the proposed research is the discovery, synthesis, characterization and understanding of new classes of quantum materials. To find quantum spin-liquid states in metals, non-trivial topological states in magnetic materials, and other desirable quantum states, the research targets specific types of compounds in which the magnetic transition-metal and rare-earth ions occupy frustrated lattice geometries. Specific objectives for the next five years include searching for 1) quantum spin liquid states; and 2) topologically non-trivial states in metals.