François Claveau

Canada Research Chair in Practical Epistemology

Tier 2 - 2015-07-01
Renewed: 2020-08-01
Université de Sherbrooke
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

819 821-8000, ext. 62298

Research involves

Understanding and evaluating the characteristics of organizations that generate and share knowledge and data about socio-economic issues.

Research relevance

This research will offer both ordinary citizens and decision-makers tools that will allow them to accurately assess the state of our knowledge of socio-economic issues.

Research summary

The purpose of diverse social systems is to produce and transmit knowledge  to be shared with others. To what extent do these systems achieve their purpose? Could they do much better? The Canada Research Chair in Practical Epistemology examines these issues by studying various organizations such as humanitarian organizations, think tanks and cross-sectoral research groups. Within the context of a movement advocating for a more practical philosophical approach, the research links the empirical study of these systems to more conceptual and methodological research.