Andrea Damascelli

Canada Research Chair in Electronic Structure of Quantum Materials

Tier 1 - 2017-11-01
Renewed: 2022-09-01
The University of British Columbia
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council


Research involves

Studying the electronic structure of quantum materials and tailoring their physical properties.

Research relevance

This research will lead to better understanding and developing quantum materials for the next generation of quantum devices.

Research summary

Quantum materials are widely expected to underpin revolutionary technologies of the future, from high-performance batteries and supercapacitors to scalable quantum computers, superconductors and more. But it is difficult to fully understand these capabilities because they emerge from complex correlations between electrons, and cannot be understood by looking at how individual electrons behave. Even the most advanced spectroscopic tools currently available yield only indirect information.

To address this gap, Dr. Andrea Damascelli, Canada Research Chair in Electronic Structure of Quantum Materials, is studying quantum materials using a novel technique known as coincidence two-electron angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy. He and his research team are studying cuprate superconductors and charge density waves systems; multi-band iron-based superconductors; optical tailoring of quantum matter; and Majorana modes in topological insulators. They hope the knowledge they gain will allow them to engineer quantum materials precisely and optimize their properties to serve as the foundation for next-generation technologies.