André Gaudreault

Canada Research Chair in Film and Media Studies

Tier 1 - 2017-11-01
Renewed: 2022-05-01
Université de Montréal
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council


Research involves

Studying the role that technological innovation has played in the development of cinematic forms and practices.

Research relevance

This research will lead to a new way of looking at the history of media by reconsidering the impact of technology.

Research summary

The growing use of new technologies and the rise of digital cultures have profoundly transformed the way we think about film, its language and its form. As Canada Research Chair in Film and Media Studies, Dr. André Gaudreault wants to show that cinema has insinuated itself into the world of digital and emerging media, and continues to change the way we understand our visual culture as a whole.

Gaudreault and his research team aim to highlight the relevance of cinema and film and media studies to image and audiovisual education. Their goal is to introduce new spectator communities to reflections on cinematographic and media based on a conceptualization of key notions. Finally, they will emphasize the crucial importance of the notion of “montage” for all cultural series in the digital age. There are creating new tools, platforms and devices to achieve these goals.