Olivier Boiral

Canada Research Chair in Internalizing Sustainability and Organizational Accountability

Tier 1 - 2017-11-01
Renewed: 2023-01-01
Université Laval
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

418-656 2131, ext./poste 4776

Research involves

Integrating efficient sustainable development practices within organizations and sharing reliable information with stakeholders.

Research relevance

This research will encourage organizations to integrate sustainable development practices, be more transparent when sharing information,and be more accountable.

Research summary

When organizations communicate with stakeholders about their sustainability commitments and performance, the information they provide does not always line up with their internal practices. Dr. Olivier Boiral, Canada Research Chair in Internalizing Sustainability and Organizational Accountability, wants to strengthen organizations’ internalization of sustainability practices. He is also looking at organizations’ accountability and responsibility to stakeholders.

Boiral and his research team are publishing in international journals, communicating with a wide audience and training the next generation of researchers. They are also integrating the needs of different environments, partnership research, and the transfer of knowledge to improve private and public organizations’ practices. Ultimately, their work will improve sustainability within organizations, increase transparency, and ensure better accountability among leaders.