Olivier Boiral

Canada Research Chair in Internalization of Sustainability Practices and Organizational Accountability

Tier 1 - 2017-11-01
Université Laval
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

418-656 2131, ext./poste 4776

Research involves

Integrating efficient sustainable development practices within organizations and sharing reliable information with stakeholders.

Research relevance

This research will encourage organizations to integrate sustainable development practices, be more transparent when sharing information,and be more accountable.

Integrating Sustainable Development into Organizational

When organizations communicate with stakeholders about their commitments to and performance in sustainable development, the information they provide is not always consistent with their internal practices.

Dr. Olivier Boiral, Canada Research Chair in Internalization of
Sustainability Practices and Organizational Accountability, intends to
analyze these discrepancies and propose solutions to reduce them in
both private and public organizations. Specifically, Boiral will investigate
what propels organizations to internalize sustainable development
practices in their daily activities.
He and his research team will use innovative approaches to analyze this
internalization, both from an organizational perspective (putting new
practices and formal management systems in place) and from a
behavioural one (launching sustainable development initiatives in the
workplace, whether prescribed or not). For example, they will study the
role played by environmentally responsible behaviours in the workplace,
including individual, informal, non-prescribed and unrewarded initiatives.
Boiral’s research will also explore the reliability and transparency of the
information that organizations disclose—particularly the mechanisms that
are meant to prove their social and environmental responsibility to
stakeholders, such as sustainable development reports, audit and
certification practices, and performance measurement indicators.
Ultimately, this research will improve organizations’ sustainable
development practices, increase transparency and create better
accountability among executives.