Brian S. Connelly

Canada Research Chair in Integrative Perspectives on Personality

Tier 2 - 2016-04-01
Renewed: 2021-04-01
University of Toronto
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

Research involves

Building a stronger understanding of where traits, reputations, and identities come from and how they relate to important outcomes for businesses when hiring and promoting employees.

Research relevance

Creating better personality tests will help Canadian businesses hire and train the best people for the job, boosting our workforce competitiveness in a global marketplace.

Research summary

The ideas that others have about our personalities, or our “personality reputations,” help determine our career success and ability to adapt in a workplace. To help organizations harness the power of personality reputations, Dr. Brian Connelly, Canada Research Chair in Integrative Perspectives on Personality, is examining how they are created.

He and his research team are looking at everything from how reputations develop to their susceptibility to stereotypes to their vulnerability to fakery. Connelly and his team are incorporating multi-rater personality assessments-which include observer-based personality ratings-as a tool to help organizations identify talented employees and students who might otherwise be overlooked. This will not only facilitate self-awareness, but foster a more diverse workforce as well.