Joule Bergerson

Canada Research Chair in Energy Technology Assessment

Tier 2 - 2017-11-01
University of Calgary
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council


Research involves

Using systems analysis techniques to improve the energy technology innovation process.

Research relevance

This research will develop tools to assess new energy technologies earlier, faster and across a broader set of considerations (such as environmental, economic and risk).

Measuring the Performance of Emerging Energy Technologies in a Low-Carbon Future

It isn’t easy to maximize energy production through new technologies while also keeping the environment and costs in mind. Although new technologies promise to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and other environmental impacts at competitive costs, they make current assessment techniques more complex, and often fail to take into account the technology’s full life cycle.

As a Canada Research Chair in Energy Technology Assessment, Dr. Joule Bergerson wants to provide better results for the effort spent when it comes to making decisions about how we use and develop energy resources. Bergerson aims to create new tools and methods that will make it easier to assess new energy technologies from both an economic and environmental perspective. With an emphasis on technologies that reduce carbon, these tools will allow for more informed choices when it comes to infrastructure and research investment.

Bergerson and her research team are developing and applying an integrated assessment framework that will allow them to evaluate technologies from full environmental and economic lifecycle perspective, both at an early stage and throughout the development cycle. This will help to prioritize research and development, improve process designs and ensure that innovation goals are achieved—whether the goals involve meeting reduced GHG targets or avoiding negative environmental impacts.

Ultimately, this research will help the energy industry and all levels of government to focus on the big picture when it comes to energy systems and the transition to new technologies.