Joule Bergerson

Canada Research Chair in Energy Technology Assessment

Tier 2 - 2017-11-01
Renewed: 2022-01-01
University of Calgary
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council


Research involves

Using systems analysis techniques to improve the energy technology innovation process.

Research relevance

This research will develop tools to assess new energy technologies earlier, faster and across a broader set of considerations (such as environmental, economic and risk).

Research summary

Climate change is forcing the world to move toward a significant energy system transition. However, the methods we currently have to assess the economic and environmental performance of new energy technologies rely on assessment techniques that often fail to capture the complexities of a technology’s life cycle.

As Canada Research Chair in Energy Technology Assessment, Dr. Joule Bergerson aims to improve how we assess new energy technologies. She and her research team are developing novel simulation tools, extending life cycle assessment methods, and conducting dynamic systems modelling. Ultimately, their research will provide new insights into the economic and environmental performance of emerging energy technologies and better inform decisions about Canada’s transition to net zero.