Delphine Bouilly

Canada Research Chair in Bionanoelectronics

Tier 2 - 2017-11-01
Renewed: 2023-05-01
Université de Montréal
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council

514-343-6111, ext. 88923

Coming to Canada From

Columbia University, USA

Research involves

Designing ultra-miniature electronic circuits to analyze biological molecules.

Research relevance

This research will contribute to a greater understanding of how biomolecules function, and will help develop new tools for biomedical research and diagnosis.

Research summary

Bionanoelectronics use miniature electronic circuits made up of a combination of nanomaterials and biological molecules to detect, measure and monitor biochemical processes at the molecular scale. These electronic components are used in biosensors, drug-delivery devices and neural circuits, among other applications. As Canada Research Chair in Bionanoelectronics, Dr. Delphine Bouilly is advancing this emerging field.

She and her research team are implementing three innovative designs: bioanalytical sensors for the quantitation of biomarkers; single-molecule sensors for kinetic measurements of biomolecular interactions; and in-flow sensors for high-throughput or micro-volume analyses. Their findings will provide new knowledge of fundamental biochemical mechanisms and create innovation avenues for bioanalytical and biophysical instruments.