Luis A Ricardez Sandoval

Canada Research Chair in Multiscale Modelling and Process Systems

Tier 2 - 2017-11-01
University of Waterloo
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council

(519) 888-4567 x38667

Research involves

Develop advanced modelling tools to optimally design systems and materials and provide insight on emerging CO2 capture technologies

Research relevance

Enable computer-aided design of materials and systems with remarkable functionalities for advanced manufacturing and energy applications and curb global warming effects

Optimal design of materials and systems in emerging applications

Continuous advances in computer science have propelled the design of novel new products and systems in various sectors. From mobile applications where the design of fine-scale materials for energy storage is needed to run devices for longer periods of time, to the design of new systems that can produce clean and affordable energy from fossil fuels, the need to optimally design materials and systems at different time and length scales is compulsory.

Dr. Luis Ricardez-Sandoval, Canada Research Chair in Multiscale Modelling and Process Systems, is developing new computational tools that can aid in the design of innovative products and systems for emerging applications in the energy and advanced manufacturing sectors. He does this through the use of advanced process system techniques and modelling methods, such as multiscale modelling.

Ricardez-Sandoval is at the frontier of developing innovations that enable the production of high value, fine-scale materials under typical conditions encountered in a manufacturing facility (such as external disturbances and uncertainty in the system’s parameters). He is proposing the design of efficient and affordable CO2 capture technologies that can mitigate CO2 emissions, and improving the design and operation of industrially relevant chemical processes, such as carbonaceous or thin film materials for mobile applications.

The tools and methodologies developed by Ricardez-Sandoval can be used as cost-effective, computer-aided design tools to realize the production and manufacturing of highly valuable materials. His work will also determine the technical viability of new emerging technologies to address pressing issues like climate change.