Puyan PM Mojabi

Canada Research Chair in Electromagnetic Inversion for Design and Imaging

Tier 2 - 2017-11-01
University of Manitoba
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council


Research involves

Developing algorithms and techniques for inferring internal properties of investigation domains from their external electromagnetic responses.

Research relevance

This research will improve accuracy in microwave imaging, detection and characterization, and will facilitate the design of new microwave radiating elements.

Going into Reverse: Using Exterior Electromagnetic Data to Infer Interior Properties

Inferring the internal properties of an object from its external electromagnetic signatures has many applications in imaging, remote sensing, characterization and design.

An example is in microwave imaging, where we can find the dielectric properties of irradiated objects by processing the resulting scattered microwaves collected outside the objects. (Dielectric properties of a material provide significant insight into how it stores and dissipates electromagnetic energy.) We can then use these retrieved dielectric properties for diagnostic purposes.

Similarly, in antenna design, it may be useful to find a fundamental property of antennas—namely, their equivalent currents—from given desired electromagnetic radiation patterns to be created. We can then use these calculated currents to design new antenna elements or engineered electromagnetic surfaces for different applications, such as wireless communication and imaging.

As Canada Research Chair in Electromagnetic Inversion for Design and Imaging, Dr. Puyan Mojabi is developing new systematic algorithms and techniques to characterize objects based on their external electromagnetic responses, mainly within the microwave frequency range. All these algorithms and techniques stem from one consistent framework—called the electromagnetic inversion framework—and they can be applied to a range of areas, such as imaging, remote sensing, antenna characterization and design.

Mojabi’s research will improve our understanding of how to extract useful information from external electromagnetic responses. This will lead to more accurate microwave imaging and remote sensing applications. It will also open the door to new possibilities in the design of antennas, engineered electromagnetic surfaces and materials to tailor electromagnetic fields.