Puyan Mojabi

Canada Research Chair in Electromagnetic Inversion for Design and Imaging

Tier 2 - 2017-11-01
Renewed: 2023-11-01
University of Manitoba
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council


Research involves

Developing algorithms and techniques for inferring internal properties of investigation domains from their external electromagnetic responses.

Research relevance

This research will improve accuracy in microwave imaging, detection and characterization, and will facilitate the design of new microwave radiating elements.

Research summary

Metamaterials are engineered around unique micro- and nanoscale patterns or structures that cause them to interact with light and other forms of energy in ways not found in nature. Metasurfaces are a subset of metamaterials that focus on two-dimensional structures at the surface level to control the behaviour of electromagnetic waves, particularly in the optical and microwave frequency ranges.

As Canada Research Chair in Electromagnetic Inversion for Design and Imaging, Dr. Puyan Mojabi is combining electromagnetic inversion and metasurfaces by focusing on two related research themes. In the first, he and his research team are developing a process to allow the design of advanced metasurfaces from user-defined specifications. This will address the needs of future wireless communication systems. They are also using metasurfaces to enrich the information content of electromagnetic imaging data. This will result in a new form of microwave imaging with better image accuracy, which can be used in various non-destructive testing applications.