Nediljko Budisa

Canada Research Chair in Chemical Synthetic Biology

Tier 1 - 2018-01-01
University of Manitoba
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council

049 30 314 28 821

Coming to Canada From

Technical University Berlin, Germany

Research involves

Using synthetic biology to reinvent biological complexity and create new life forms and technologies.

Research relevance

This research will provide biomaterials and synthetic cells that are of great importance to medicine and bio-based industries.

Opening up a World of Possibilities with Synthetic Cells

Dr. Ned Budisa is a pioneer in genetic code engineering and chemical synthetic biology. As Canada Research Chair in Chemical Synthetic Biology, his mission is to create synthetic life forms and technologies by generating artificial biodiversity with novel genetic codes.

Although closely linked to studies of the nature and origin of genetic code and life, Budisa’s research focuses on transforming biological complexity and creating synthetic cells as platforms that will outperform existing technologies.

Budisa’s long-term goal is to create new and complex bio-inspired materials and cell structures by developing protein-based natural polymer materials. These materials will have the potential to revolutionize bone surgery and wound healing. He and his research team are also engineering biological alternatives to conductive carbon nanotubes that could be used in energy storage and transduction devices, automotive parts, water filters, thin-film electronics, bio-electronic devices, coatings, electromagnetic shields and more.

Budisa’s work will take research in synthetic biology in a new and exciting direction and lead to technologies, highly modular bio-inspired materials and synthetic cells that will benefit the growing pharmaceutical and biotech sectors and support future research.